About Us

The company came to Cambodia from Thailand in Siam Rep in 2006 and moved to Phnom Penh, where I have had a very unique experience in the business sector. I want to invest a lot of my experience here

We tell people so far clearly and easier understanding. Tell them about the businesses whatever they want and they are here in Cambodia

We tell you through experiences that you can do business with legal permission, etc.

And now, the regulations in the sectors where the investment process is more than before have been updated, which is much better now.

As new regulations in each field are continuously updated and announced, better business environments of investors

It is established. Then, because of the need for the real estate business, the corporation has been granted another license from the Ministry of Economic and Finance.

I applied for a license for another business and the issuance was completed, so I started to operate normally in the real estate business.

In addition to the existing tax accounting agency licenses, the Real Estate License has also been reinforced to increase more real estate business in Cambodia.

I started to inform you with more information.


Thank you.