Construction Permit

All private or public people, physical or legal shall have the rights to construct a building or house on their own land and such rights shall be protected by this sub-degree (Sub-Decree No. 86 ANK/BK/December 19, 1997). Any Construction Permit issued prior the construction start- up shall be considered as legal document of the Construction. In the absence of land use plan and an approval master plan approved by the Royal Government, these provisions shall be enforced. These provisions shall be supplemented in compliance with the local situation within the framework of actual construction provisions of the land use plan of Provinces and Municipalities.

The construction permits shall be under the jurisdiction of the authority of the government. The government is the only institution, which can issue the construction Permits for the Industrial and commercial buildings covering the total are of more than 3000 square meters.

The total area of less than 3000 square meters is under the jurisdiction of the authority of Provinces and Municipalities.

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