Air Apartment for Sale at Victory Hill I, Preah Sihanouk

$1,700.00 m2


The condo is currently under construction and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2020.

The investor had two locations in Sihanoukville and overlooked the high-rise beach. The project owner is a Russian and it is about 900 meters away and about 1500 meters from Hawaiian Beach. I think it’s a very moderate intermediate condo.

There will also be a swimming pool on the top floor, located inside the boulevard past the Chinese casino. And the investor has a unique sale: small units with some floor units on both sides and some units are sold with some units attached so that units on some floors can be spread up and down. In addition, on the fifth floors of the building are used as parking lots.

Can be rented immediately after purchase by foreigners. In addition, when the first contract is received, a deposit of 2 to 3 months is received. So if someone wants a room, think of getting a deposit plus rent (monthly) at the time of the initial contract.

download this is brochure of Air Apartment 


Additional Details

  • Address:
    Victory Hill I, Preah Sihanouk

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