Land for Sale

$350.00 per sq.m


Land for Sale
This land located along the St. 21, around 90m from new road, this new road is the connection between St. 21 & St. 21A (riverside road) and around 500m from Choung Leap pagoda.
It is now easy to access the new airport on using this street, and the development of the St. 21 has been completed, making the trip to the Vietnam border much easier than before.
In addition, the construction of a bridge in which the 3rd ring road over St 21A is in full swing using another overpass. Also, it is located close to the development site of mid- and low-priced houses under construction by the bridge development company.

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  • Address:
    Kaoh Kor, Roka Khpos, S'ang, Kandal Province

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