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$450.00 per sq.m


This land is located at the corner of National Road 33 from downtown of Kampot to Kep, at the corner and between Kampot’s Salt Farm Association. And if you follow the road to the salt field, you will meet a creek like a wide river flowing from the hydroelectric power plant. If you go further downstream, you can see the cruise ship terminal that is under construction. In addition, most of the land facing the water is constructed in a small resort style and is in the process of being successful. If you proceed upstream, you can see large resorts. And at the evening, numerous boats, decorated with colorful lights, operate daily to take tourists upstream and show the fierfly living in the trees.
Also, there are many businesses on the national road to Kep, and apartments, hotels, and many small merchants are doing business. Since the land is on the corner, I think it is a perfect fit for various businesses.

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  • Address:
    Chum Kriel, Chum Kriel, Tuek Chhu, Kampot

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