R&F Glory at Monivong Blvd

$2,900.00 per sq.m


The condo developer has invested heavily in the Asian market and has worked with many foreign companies.

Investing in China, he is also a partner in hotels and other businesses. Also Hong Kong It is listed on the stock market and is the 10th largest real estate development group in China. I have been here for about 15 years while investing in real estate in Cambodia. It is said that it is timely to invest and it is developed. It is located on the road and is currently being sold in nine cities around the world. The complex is under construction in 1928 units and is being developed on 57 floors. It is being developed. The total number of households in R & F Cambodia’s two condo complexes is 7165.

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  • Address:
    A long Preah Monivong Blvd, In front of Ministry of Water Resource & Meteorology

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