The “Law on Banking and Financial Institutions” was enacted in 1999, aiming to serve to improve financial facilities, strengthen the base of financial institutions and make it easier for the investors to get business financing in Cambodia and by referring to new Declaration No. B7-016-117-Pro-Kor dated March 22, 2016 of National Bank of Cambodia on Minimum Registered Capital of Banking and Financial Institutions (Article 4, 5 & 7).

Commercial banks locally incorporated as local company or foreign subsidiary shall have minimum capital equal to at least KHR 300 Billion Riels (USD75 Million).

  • Specialized banks locally incorporated shall have a minimum registered capital of at least KHR 60 billion riel (USD 15 million).
  • Microfinance Institution shall have a minimum registered capital at least KHR 6 Billion Riels (USD1.5 Million).


Legal Procedure:

– First Step: Writing down a regulatory about Bank, Specialized Bank or Microfinance Institution,

– Second Step: Submit to Ministry of Commerce (Company Establishment),

– Third Step: Submit to General Department of Taxation of Patent within 15 days counting from the completed day from Ministry of Commerce,

– Fourth Step: Submit to National Bank of Cambodia for License.


  • Set up New Bank & Micro Finance Institution (MFI)

Actually now the National Bank of Cambodia will not be allowed for issuing the license to new Bank and MFI, so the majorities of the global financial firm try to find the indirect investment by the method of Merge and Acquisition (M & A) with the existing Bank & MFI or by setting up a Specialized Bank such as Woori Finance Cambodia Plc. and Maruhan Japan Bank Plc.

  • Woori Finance Cambodia merged and acquisitioned with Vision Fund
  • Maruhan Japan Bank Plc. merged and acquisitioned with Sathapana Bank Plc.


In currently there are 37 commercial banks, 13 Specialized Banks, 54 Micro-Finance Institutions. (Sources: National Bank of Cambodia)


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